Hemophilia is a relatively well-known hereditary coagulation disorder, and people who know about it, are aware that it mainly occurs in men. There is still low awareness about bleeding disorders and the fact that these also affect women. To this day, women with heavy menstrual periods, which may be caused by a bleeding disorder, are not always referred to the specialist who could potentially make that diagnosis.

This book has been written to create more awareness about the impact of bleeding disorders on women, amongst the public and caregivers. Fourteen brave women who live in the Netherlands and Belgium, tell their story, each from their own angle, how their coagulation disorders have impacted their lives: heavy menstrual periods which often end in hospital, fear and uncertainty, consequences in terms of sexual activity, severe bleedings during deliveries and the difference between the situation many years ago, compared to the current day.

The diversity of experiences and views expressed in this book, paint a picture of the possible impact of bleeding disorders on women.

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